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Aidon Company Backgrounder

Aidon is a European technology company specialising in smart metering and smart grid applications. Beyond metering, Aidon’s offering covers applications and services that utilise metering information to improve efficiency and profitability in utilities’ various business processes.

Aidon’s system provides valuable information for enhancing energy companies’ customer service, for developing new energy service products and for managing the low-voltage network. These are preconditions for energy companies’ success as the future smart grid evolves.

At its stand (1A46) at the European Utility Week 2014 Aidon is set to show and discuss how the company helps the Nordic energy distribution companies to gain operational efficiency, better supply quality and improved customer service via smart metering, while they at the same time can get the best possible value for their AMI investment.

Energy Service Device

Aidon’s new generation Energy Service Device combines meter, communication, versatile sensors and interfaces, and efficient processing power. This is packed into a clear and robust design, optimised for efficient installation. In Aidon devices, metering and communication units are separated in order to manage their functionality in the most efficient way, as well as to manage the life cycles of the meter and the communication technology independently. Remote software upgrades enable seamless implementation of new functionalities into the Energy Service Devices without physical visit.

Automated Metering Infrastructure

Aidon’s AMI solution consists of Gateware meter reading system and Meteringware connectivity engine. Each of the system components have their own roles which makes the solution modular and allows customer specific configurations. Gateware reads the metering information as well as logs and status information from the Energy Service Devices and makes this information available to the utility’s business systems. Meteringware takes care of data collection and storage, and allows an easy driver based integration of Energy Service Devices with the Gateware reading system. It also provides an interface for a remote on-line support, configuration and upgrades. Thanks to the open architecture and standardized interfaces the system integrates seamlessly with utility’s business and IT systems.

Aidon’s solution includes various communication technologies for different needs: 2G/3G or Ethernet connection is used for communication between meters and the reading system. In the field, an advanced RF solution or a wired RS485 connection is used for master/slave communication between the meters.

Power Grid Management

Integrating Aidon’s Energy Service Devices with energy company’s Distribution Management System (DMS) provides measured information from the electricity user’s location and the entire low-voltage network. The advanced Power Grid Management enables accurate fault location also within medium voltage networks, enabling significant cost savings and improved customer satisfaction. Power Grid Management can be implemented as a remote upgrade to Energy Service Devices.

Company information

Aidon was established in 2004 and has headquarters and a logistics centre in Finland and offices in Norway and Sweden. Today Aidon is the leading supplier of smart energy metering systems in the Nordics with 1.2 million Energy Service Devices delivered and in operation.

Proven technology and customer-driven innovations of Aidon improve the efficiency of energy utilities’ daily operations and business processes, resulting to cost savings, higher supply quality, better customer service and enhanced energy efficiency.

More information:
CEO Timo Chrons, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 400 775 300, timo.chrons(a)aidon.com