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Aidon Customization Center is close to the customer

Petri Ounila, Production, Logistics and Sourcing Director, Aidon:

During a mass installation phase of metering devices, the schedules of dozens of installers have often been created for weeks or months in advance. For this reason, there can be no delays or mistakes in the device deliveries. Aidon Customization Center (ACC) ensures reliable deliveries, even when the quantities are large and schedules tight.

Petri Ounila, Production, Logistics and Sourcing Director, Aidon

For our customers, AMM roll-out projects are not everyday affairs, and many of them do not have any previous experience of similar projects. We, on the other hand, are very experienced in projects like these and will gladly help our customers to plan the roll-out. Our experience is the result of ten years and three million delivered devices in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Moreover, years of cooperation with our manufacturing partners in Estonia, Lithuania and China has made our cooperation with them smooth and solid.

The needs and circumstances of our customers vary. Our ACC’s capacity stretches accordingly from a few thousand to tens of thousands of devices per month. During the mass roll-out in Norway in 2017, we delivered about 65,000 devices from Norway’s ACC every month.

The ACC is not merely a storage or a logistics centre, it is where the modular energy service devices are assembled and customised according to each customer’s needs. For our customers, this means a high security of supply, flexibility and locality.

  1. Supply security. The numerous roll-out projects that we have been involved in have equipped us with experience and knowledge that we utilise for the benefit of our customers when planning new delivery projects. By regularly planning and forecasting the orders and deliveries with our customers and suppliers, we ensure that we have a clear picture of our material requirements for the near future as well as for a longer time period. These factors create the basis for a high supply security.
  2. Flexibility. Thanks to the modular structure of our devices, we can optimise the number of device variants. This ensures that our storage always has metering units and system modules for customising devices for our customers’ needs. This also enables us to react even on a short notice – we can start the work on an entirely new order in half an hour as long as we have material in storage.
  3. Locality. Our devices are customised as close to our customers as possible. The standard time of delivery to the customer’s address is within a week of shipment, even quicker if needed. Our customer coordinators speak the customers’ local language and will offer assistance in all matters related to deliveries.

Now that the big projects in Norway are nearly finished, Norway’s ACC will quiet down. On the other hand, at the beginning of November, the ACC in Finland moved to new, more spacious premises in Vantaa. The location of the ACC in Vantaa is excellent in regard to logistics: the airport and our logistics partner DHL are right next door.

Our new production facility is designed to support smooth material and work flow. With it, we can flexibly grow our capacity to 70,000 devices per month – or even higher by increasing manpower. We are now even better prepared to offer storage services for devices to customers.

I am happy to introduce our operations and our new facilities and wish both existing and new customers a warm welcome to visit us.

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Case: Our Norwegian roll-out project in numbers

  • The Aidon Customization Center in Norway was established in Østerås, near Oslo, in spring 2016.
  • Norway’s mass roll-out was completed in about two years: the deliveries began in October 2016 and finished in autumn 2018.
  • 1.5 million devices were delivered from the ACC to more than 40 delivery addresses across Norway.
  • In 2017, about 65,000 devices were delivered every month.
  • During the peak months in March and August 2017, we delivered more than 100,000 devices.
  • During our biggest customer’s project, one Aidon device was installed at a record high of every 20 seconds.