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Aidon delivers a comprehensive remote-reading system to two mains providers in Kerava and Porvoo

Aidon will deliver 22,000 new-generation energy service devices to Keravan Energia Oy and Porvoon Sähköverkko Oy, two mains electricity providers operating in Kerava and Porvoo, respectively. The delivery will include device installation.

– Technical functionality, experiences gained elsewhere and a wide range of features tipped the scales in favour of this supplier. Aidon will deliver a comprehensive solution, primarily targeted at blocks of flats and terraced houses. The first phase of the project was a success, allowing us to continue with installations on a large scale, says Magnus Nylander, CEO at Porvoon Sähköverkko.

Within the framework of this project, Aidon has responsibility for the installation of devices, while the actual work is performed by Voimatel Oy. With work having begun in June, installation of the devices in blocks of flats and terraced houses will be complete by the end of 2012.

– Installation of field devices is a natural part of the delivery project. After installation of the metering devices, Aidon will continue to have responsibility for system maintenance, says Timo Räsänen, Project Manager at Aidon.

New-generation energy service devices will provide a solution that is highly comprehensive from the economic point of view, allowing for the upgrade of new functions later. Among other things, the solution allows for the development of grid monitoring, enabling us to detect disturbances in the grid more effectively than today.

– Our remote-reading system will be flexible and easily adaptable for future needs. In the long run, this will make our operations more effective, enhancing the service we can offer to our customers and lowering the tariffs of electricity distribution, points out Osmo Auvinen, Manager of Network Business at Keravan Energia Corporation.

For more information, please contact:

Osmo Auvinen, Manager, Network Business, Keravan Energia Corporation, tel. +358 400 329851
Magnus Nylander, CEO, Porvoon Sähköverkko Oy, tel. +358 40 7682368
Timo Räsänen, Project Manager, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 400 207544, timo.rasanen(a)aidon.fi
Petteri Heinänen, Business Unit Director, Aidon Oy, tel +358 40 5144771, petteri.heinanen(a)aidon.fi

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