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Aidon delivers AMR meters to Mariehamn – the Swedish Metrima Energi in charge of the overall project

The energy company of Mariehamn city has made a contract with the Swedish company Metrima Energi AB on the delivery of new generation AMR meters and system for energy and water consumption.

Aidon’s meters will be equipped with a new Metrima system module, which communicates through a PLC connection with Mactor data collection system. After the pilot, round 8,000 AMR meters will be installed in the region.

– Metrima’s and Aidon’s metering concept enables improved customer service through more efficient feedback on the status of the distribution and quality of electricity delivered, says Cai-Eric Ektröm, director of Mariehamn city energy company.

Metrima Energi, responsible for the overall metering system, has delivered ca. 200,000 metering points in Sweden and the delivery in Mariehamn is part of its internationalisation.

Aidon is a European technology company with offices in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Aidon is specialized in automatic meter reading (AMR) systems for energy and service companies. Aidon’s open architecture is challenging the traditional solutions on the rapidly growing AMR market.

For further information, please contact:
Cai-Eric Ekström, Director, Mariehamn city electricity company, + 358 18 531550, www.mariehamn.aland.fi/tekniska_verken/el
Claes Rickeby, Managing Director, Metrima Energi AB, + 46 8 23 60 30, www.metrima.se
Nils Rex, Country Manager, Aidon Sweden, + 46 70 336 61 38, www.aidon.se