Aidon Event and dinner in Frankfurt, 30th November 2022

Programme, 30th November

Meet at Aidon stand (12.1.A194.) and transport to the hotel at 5 pm

@ Frankfurt Hotel meeting area, from 6 pm to 7.30 pm

  • Aidon CEO Opening words
      • Embarking on a new journey towards new European markets
      • How can we support the swift energy transformation
      • The main challenges for the Grid Solutions players to solve
      • Can we utilize the ever increasingly critical AMM infrastructure better?
      • Aidon’s partnership model and our main focus areas for coming years
  • Formal introductions of the participants
      • Round table of each participant and Aidon team
  • Aidon CTO Keynote: 
      • Technology platform for the future – what are the roles of different players.
      • Increasing data – Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning, from hype to reality
      • How we can better benefit from partnerships – mutual gain, entering new markets, engage the consumers
      • How can we support your business goals as a technology partner and how can we jointly grown our businesses in new market – what do you expect from a good technology partner

Dinner, downtown Frankfurt, from 8 pm

  • Free discussions, but here’s some suggested topics:
      • Balanced Partnerships – stronger together or is this a myth?
      • The challenges for fully utilising the powerful AMM platforms in Europe?
      • Innovations at Enlit – what’s good, what’s not – where to partner or invest?