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Aidon seeks strong growth in Norway

European Utility Week 2014, Amsterdam.

The market for smart energy metering systems is developing fast, especially in the Northern part of Europe. Aidon was founded ten years ago in Finland, and now has a strong 35 % market share with its 800,000 Energy Service Devices installed there. In Sweden the utilities start upgrading their first generation’s remote-readable meters to next generation AMI. With an installed base of 250,000 meters, and a recently strengthened local team, Aidon is well established in Sweden and looks forward to a growing business there.

– Currently the most active market in the Nordics is definitely Norway, where utilities have started their tendering processes. The market potential is 2.8 million smart meters, says Timo Chrons, CEO of Aidon Oy.

– What interests us is not just the numbers, but the very high functional and technical requirements. Utilities seek the best possible operational and financial value for their investment, and that suits us perfectly, Chrons says.

Aidon has been present in Norway since 2004, and is actively involved also in national research programs and pilot projects related to the development of AMI and smart grid. The local regulation for AMI implementation was issued in July 2013. The Norwegian market can now benefit from the latest technology and smart solutions as well as from the experiences available from AMI roll-outs in the neighbouring countries.

Timo Chrons foresees a strong performance and growth for Aidon in Norway. The company’s focus has always been on customer benefits and open technology platform. According to Chrons, these are the foundations for state of the art smart grid metering infrastructure. Already this year Aidon has gained two major contracts in Norway: Lyse Elnett with 140,000 and Eidsiva Nett with 143,000 customers have selected Aidon as their AMI supplier.

More information:
Timo Chrons, CEO, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 400 775 300, timo.chrons(at)aidon.com

Aidon is a leading provider of open-architecture based smart metering systems and new generation energy service devices in the Nordics. Aidon’s products serve today more than a million metering points in the Nordics. Aidon has offices in Jyväskylä and Vantaa in Finland, Täby in Sweden and Asker in Norway.