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Aidon to Deliver Energy Metering Devices to Kymenlaakson Sähkö

Aidon Oy will deliver next-generation remote-readable energy metering systems to Kymenlaakson Sähkö Oy. Empower Oy is responsible for both the system delivery and providing meter reading services. By the end of 2013, all customers in the area will be covered by remote reading.

“The device supplier’s strong project expertise, its local presence and the availability of support services are important to us. Another reason for selecting Aidon lay in the additional features, such as PiHa, offered as part of its technical solution,” explains Juha Kaariaho, Metering Manager at Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy.

PiHa is a low-voltage network management feature, combining remote reading with operational support. To enable network management, installed Aidon meters can be updated via a remote connection. This feature is already widely used in both rural and urban areas.

Modularity and an open architecture enable the easy connection of the metering equipment to various reading systems. Other vendors’ equipment can also be connected to the systems. This next-generation metering equipment includes an electrical energy meter equipped with a telecommunications bus, a system module and a remote connection device.

“The requirement was for equipment from two different vendors to be optimally connected to a single system. Aidon’s meters work well with various system configurations. Their radio technology is suitable for data transfer, particularly in densely populated and high-rise areas,” states Marko Rytilahti, Vice President of Empower Oy.

Aidon has already delivered metering equipment to over half a million metering points in the Nordic countries. In Finland, Aidon’s customers include ESE-Verkko, Helen Sähköverkko, Jyväskylän Energia, Kymenlaakson Sähkö, Lahti Energia, the Lapland municipalities, Mariehamns Stads Elverket, Oulun Seudun Sähkö, Satapirkan Sähkö, Savon Voima, Tampereen Sähköverkko and Vantaa Energy.

For more information, please contact:
Juha Kaariaho, Metering Manager, Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy, tel.+358 44 363 6746
Marko Rytilahti, Vice President, Empower Oy, tel.+358 44 425 2250
Petteri Heinänen, Marketing Director, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 40 514 4771,

Aidon Oy is a European technology company specialising in smart metering and smart grid applications. Aidon provides next-generation energy meters, data communication and system solutions, as well as services, all based on an open architecture. The company has offices in Finland, Sweden and Norway.