This is Aidon

We are an established supplier of smart grid and smart metering technology and services in the Nordics. From our earliest days in 2004 to the present, we have been helping our customers, distribution system operators (DSOs), boost the reliability of electricity distribution and cope with the big changes that are under way in the energy sector.

The issue of climate change has become a defining feature in energy policy-making. To meet carbon emissions reduction targets, it is necessary to generate electricity from renewables, reduce consumption and further improve efficiency. Digitalisation is altering the energy market, leading to automated networks and processes. Making use of the latest technologies and combined with our in-depth knowledge of the Nordic energy markets, we help our customers fulfil their primary responsibility: ensure the faultless delivery of electricity to end users. Utilising near to real-time sensor data from smart meters and devices, and applying advanced analytics methods, it’s possible to enhance grid operation and plan preventive and predictive maintenance actions. This is at the core of Aidon’s work.

With 3 million smart energy metering devices delivered to more than 100 DSOs in Norway, Sweden and Finland, Aidon is the market leader in the Nordics. We are committed to providing our customers with the solutions and services they need to leverage the possibilities of the smarter grid. At Aidon, we always put the customer first.

  • Quality

    Aidon’s focus is on continual improvement of its Operational System which includes Quality management and Quality performance. Our Quality management system is certified according to ISO 9001:2015.

    Certificate 9001:2015

    The key points are:
    • We promise to understand our customers’ real needs faster than our competitors, and to develop smart solutions for them.
    • We promise unique products, which will deliver significant added value and advantage to our customers’ business throughout the product’s lifetime.
    • We promise an operational environment that offers intellectual challenges for our personnel and an opportunity for internal entrepreneurship, as well as an operating model that guarantees the conditions for creating and acquiring new knowledge.
    • We promise to question the traditional solutions and operating models in the branch and to challenge competitors to engage in development work for the customers’ advantage.
    • We create Aidon quality by keeping these strategic promises in our everyday work and are committed to continuously improve the quality of our products, services and operations.
  • Health & Safety

    Aidon’s focus is on continual improvement of its Operational System which includes OH&S management and OH&S performance. Our Occupational Health and Safety (OH&S) management system is certified according to OHSAS 18001:2007.

    Certificate OHSAS 18001:2007

    Aidon and its management recognises & accepts its responsibility to provide safe and healthy working environment for all its employees, partners, contractors and visitors who use Aidon’s premises. In order to prevent any injury and ill health, Aidon acts in accordance with the associated regulations in any country where Aidon operates in.

    The key points are:
    • Promote safe & healthy place of work with safe access
    • Provide adequate health facilities
    • Ensure risk assessments are carried out on an on-going basis
    • Ensure objectives for elimination and reduction of risks are prioritized
    • Provide sufficient training and supervision to enable people to avoid hazards and to contribute positively to the health and safety
    • Ensure access to competent health and safety advice
    • Ensure, at minimum, compliance with all relevant safety legislation
    • Promote health & safety where possible also outside workplace
  • Environment

    Aidon’s focus is on continual improvement of its Operational System which includes Environmental management and Environmental performance. We strive to reduce our own environmental impact. Our Environmental management system is certified according to ISO 14001:2015.

    Certificate ISO 14001:2015

    We contribute to eco-efficiency and environmental stewardship in the communities and countries where we operate. Our core businesses offer energy-efficient systems, products and services, which enable our customers to lower their use of energy and natural resources.

    The key points are:
    • Conducting all our operations in an environmentally sound manner by applying environmental management systems and principles, such as commitment to continual improvement, legal compliance and awareness training of employees
    • Promoting environmental responsibility along the value chain by encouraging suppliers, subcontractors and customers to adopt international environmental standards
    • Developing our manufacturing processes with focus on energy and resource efficiency
    • Developing and marketing products and systems which are resource efficient and facilitate use of renewable energy sources
    • Including environmental aspects in the risk assessment of major customer projects
  • Sustainability

    Aidon is committed to develop, produce, and offer products, services, and solutions with high sustainability standards and to contribute to the sustainable development of society.

    Sustainability Report 2018

    The key points are:

    • Apply Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology to determine the significant environmental aspects and to assess the environmental impact of our operations
    • Reduce the environmental impact of our own operations and take a precautionary approach to environmental challenges
    • Apply Design for Environment principles to ensure continuous environmental improvements with a life cycle perspective regarding Aidon’s portfolio
    • Increase knowledge and awareness of sustainability amongst our employees
    • Engage in activities that have positive social, environmental, and economic impacts on people, business, and society
    • Advocate use of Smarter Grid to mitigate and adapt to climate change and create low carbon economies of the future
    • Ensure adequate sustainability standards in our supply chain
    • Engage with our stakeholders about our sustainability performance
    • Meet or exceed applicable legal requirements in socio-economic and environmental areas

Information Security

ICT services and information are the heart of the business for Aidon. Aidon’s Information Security Management System consists of the Information Security Policy and information security guidelines related to tools, processes and practices. The information security management system and practices are aligned with the ISO / IEC 27001 Standard.

Aidon Information Security Policy

Careers at Aidon

Aidon’s success is based on each employee’s skills, sense of responsibility, and desire to succeed through joint innovation. Our enthusiasm to seek out and create smart solutions is reflected in the innovative products and services we deliver – as well as in the uncontested customer value we create.

We offer interesting jobs, as well as an opportunity to work in an international and progressive organisation. People, their competence and attitude are the most important resource in our company.

Our open positions are presented on this page. You can also send an open application to

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    We are looking for trainees

    Are you looking for an internship, with the goal of becoming a professional who gets to see the result of your work as part of a bigger entity, end-to-end? Others talk about IoT – we have already been doing it for 15 years! Aidon’s core expertise is to increase the intelligence of power grids. We […]

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