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Blueberry Hill, part 1 – Towards a greener society

Blueberry Hill is a typical Nordic neighborhood outside the city center. A few, humble households with electrical cars parked neatly outside. Here are some of its neighbors: Mr. Hansen, Mrs. Svensson – a happy driver of her new electrical car, and Mr. Toivonen with shiny solar panels on his rooftop. Solar panels, as well as electrical cars,  have recently started popping up around the Hill.

Indeed there are changes taking place these days: the political agenda is driving the move towards a greener society, and people are purchasing new type of technology which supports sustainable living. These two phenomena have something in common: they are pushing the need for a more sophisticated and smarter grid.

Traditionally, the local energy utility has provided electricity through the process of regular production and one way transmission to its customers. Nowadays households, such as Mr. Toivonen’s, are not only consuming but also producing electricity, and want to put the excess production back into the grid. On the other hand, new gadgets that use a lot of electricity are being introduced to the grid, putting unusual stress on it.  All this creates the need for a smart system. Blueberry Hill Energy has chosen to install such a smart system, and the installation of so called Energy Service Devices – more commonly known as advanced smart metering systems – has taken place.

The move towards a greener society has begun. Welcome to follow what it means to Blueberry Hill’s citizens, and to its energy utility.