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Blueberry Hill, part 2 – Consumer engagement

Blueberry Hill is moving towards a greener society – and Mrs. Svensson is moving with it. As the proud owner of an electrical car, she is eager to save the environment by reducing her consumption of fossil fuels.

Blueberry Hill Energy, the local utility, has installed a smart meter, an energy service device, to her house. Enabled by the data provided by the meter, Mrs. Svensson can use her smart phone to monitor and manage her energy consumption, saving grid, environment and money. For example, she can choose to postpone her car-charging to a time-slot where the grid load is less – meaning – there’s more available electricity, and the electricity is cheaper.

The same active choices can be made with regards to the heating up of the house, and so on.  And the logic is rather simple: When the load and price go high, Mrs. Svensson can choose to save. When the load and price go low, she can choose to consume.

At Blueberry Hill Energy, Mr. Petterson is happy to observe that the active choices made by flexible consumers is helping them balance their loads and secure stable delivery to the whole town. Just as they expected when they installed the new system.