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Blueberry Hill, part 3 – Improved customer service in fault situations

It’s a stormy day in Blueberry Hill. Heavy winds come soaring into the Hill. Trees fall over the power lines, causing outages in several places. Customers get worried: when will they get the electricity back? Luckily, smart meters detect the problems related to the electricity supply. They start sending alerts via the AMM system. At Blueberry Hill Energy’s control-room, the alerts help the team quickly locate the fault in the network, as well as the affected households. “0-wire fault” alert appears to the screen and triggers immediate action: the smart metering system automatically disconnects power supply from Mr. Hansen’s household to avoid fire or other severe damage in his house. Service men jump into their cars to fix the problems. Customers receive a message with the expected duration of the problem.

Afterwards, Blueberry Hill Energy utilises the outage data registered by smart meters to report the down-time to the authorities, and to inform their customers about the outage compensation they will receive.