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Blueberry Hill, part 4 – Microproduction – how does AMM help with it?

The sun is shining and Mr. Toivonen is happy. He is one of the green pioneers who have installed solar panels to his house. He has a smart meter which measures energy flows both coming in and going out. When Mr. Toivonen’s energy production is larger than his consumption, he can sell the excess energy and receive compensation for the net production.

Many of Mr. Toivonen’s neighbors have also become prosumers. So have some of his friends and colleagues. Micro production has become very popular, and Blueberry Hill Energy faces a new challenge: increased local production requires a higher degree of information flow and adds complexity in the distribution system.  With the new, advanced smart metering system installed, Blueberry Hill Energy is able to manage the transfer from central to local production and from one way to bidirectional flow and distribution of energy.

Blueberry Hill Energy now has access to masses of new data from the low voltage grid. Not only does the data make it possible for them to monitor the voltage quality and load of the grid, they can even use the data to analyze long term impacts to optimize network investments, as well as introduce dynamic pricing models.