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Blueberry Hill, part 5 – The move to a smarter grid has begun

The move towards the green society has begun. But what will the future bring? What we know is that new production and consumption patterns will develop.

Also, the continuous growth of data volumes keeps adding further complexity and challenges to the grid operation:

  • The smart metering systems will have to measure the consumption every 15 minutes, or even measure every minute, if desired.
  • It will have to measure voltage, load, delivered quality, active and reactive energy and power.
  • It will have to register outages and their durations, as well as send and process alarms.
  • It will also have to keep track on prosumers’ net production.

And, so the list continues.

This means that ever smarter monitoring and management applications as well as greater band-width capacity will be needed.

Luckily, Blueberry Hill Energy’s smart metering solution can be adapted to this reality as they go along, thanks to the system’s communication capacity and the possibility for upgrading its functionality remotely.

We like to call it future-proofness.

Join our friend Mr. Pettersson to the last part of our 5-episode story about Blueberry Hill moving to a smarter grid.