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Elenia: A new generation smart metering system with Sonera and Aidon

Elenia’s press release 9.3.2017:

Elenia to build a solution to promote demand response on energy market

A new generation smart metering system with Sonera and Aidon

The energy market will change radically in the coming years and the customer’s role will be emphasized. Elenia prepares for a turning point in the electricity market by building a new generation of intelligent measurement system for their grid together with Sonera and domestic Aidon, company specialising in energy metering technology. Elenia has started the installation of the new smart meters in different parts of the network territory.

The changes in electricity production structure, electric transport and energy storage shape the power system and the electricity market. For example, growth of wind and solar power generation will continue and customers’ use of electricity will change.

In the future, maintaining the balance of power system becomes more demanding. In a good weather, wind and solar power will generate production peaks and cold weather, in turn, will generate consumption peaks because of house heating.

“The use of the current technological solutions alone are not enough, we need innovations and new thinking. That is why we are preparing for the growing impacts of the transition which has already started, by testing the next generation smart metering system”, says Account Director Ville Sihvola from Elenia Oy.

Elenia will install this year around 30 000 next generation smart meters. The installations will take place in the regions of Jyväskylä, Nokia, Pirkkala, Kangasala, Lempäälä as well as Hämeenlinna, Janakkala, Karkkila, Heinola and Vierumäki. The new meters will replace the first generation meters that are reaching the end of their 15 years’ life cycle, installed in apartment houses.

“Finland is internationally on the forefront in developing smart grid based services. Elenia has been the forerunner in this, in order to respond to the changing needs of our customers”, Sihvola says.

“It is great that Elenia has chosen the latest technology platform, developed in Finland. The new generation smart meters and the advanced radio solution they are using have been designed for the needs of the future smart grid”, says Petteri Heinänen, Business Unit Director in Aidon.

According to Sihvola, smart grid will enable demand response market also for consumers faster than today.  The target is to get a remarkable share of the consumption on the grid to be covered by demand response scheme.

“Sonera’s service to Elenia includes new generation of electricity meters and remote reading of those. What’s new is the nearly real time connection to the meters which enables development of new services to consumers and businesses better than today. With the next generation of energy reading and management services, it will be possible together with the customers to address the sufficiency of electricity during peak consumption, for example. Our role is to help our customers digitalize their business”, says Offering Manager Helena Peipponen from Sonera.

”Demand response and virtual power plant require both real time peak control as well as information about the changes of loads in the grid. We are addressing these questions together with our partners”, Sihvola says.

”The new smart metering system enables real time services to our customers. In the future the customers will see  their consumption almost in real time, for example, when the sauna has been switched on.”