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How to meet future business needs related to the transformation of the energy industry?

Fredrik Rex, Managing Director, Aidon Sweden:

Sweden’s electricity market is approximately double the size of Finland’s. Roughly 160 different DSOs comprise the Swedish market, and it is dominated by these three: Vattenfall, Ellevio and E.ON Sverige.

Sweden was one of the first markets in the world to introduce a national programme for smart meters. The rollout was completed in 2009 and currently all Swedish customers receive accurate invoices every month. But it’s been almost ten years since, and the technology itself is close to being outdated.

What drives the market today is the introduction of new functional requirements for smart meters. The Swedish regulator also presented the timeline for when metering systems should comply with these: before the 1st of January, 2025. With the arrival of second-generation smart meters, the market is now getting ready for investments in new end-to-end solutions.

What should DSOs bear in mind? It’s a matter of meeting future business needs related to the transformation of the energy industry.

One of the overall concerns I see involves the transformation of energy production from large-scale to renewables, and the decentralization of production networks.  Other factors include the emergence of electric vehicles and battery packs, and energy production in private homes with the use of solar panels. There will be new consumption patterns and behaviour among customers. This is the challenge for DSOs, for the network itself.

Aidon’s technology can best support these challenges. Utilising our smart meters makes it possible to monitor what is happening in real time. It enables DSOs to both manage a potentially critical situation and obtain statistical information to help handle the distribution quality of electricity or control outage situations. We understand the business and the process environment of these DSOs, placing us in the position to help and guide them through future changes.