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Hafslund Nett: 100,000th smart meter installed

The 100,000th smart meter of Norway’s largest distribution system operator Hafslund Nett was installed on Friday the 20th of January in the residential area of Lørenskog, just north of Oslo. It took 20 minutes for Eltel’s installer Viktor Svensson to install the meter. Currently 112 installers from Eltel are engaged in meter installations for Hafslund Nett. At the moment, 1,000 meters are installed each day. When the roll-out moves to more densely populated areas in the Oslo region, the target is to increase the number to 1,500 installations per day.

Before starting the full scale roll-out, Hafslund Nett conducted two pilots which included 8,500 meters in two periods in 2016. The mass roll-out started in Eidsvoll and Hurdal municipalities in August 2016, and is proceeding towards Oslo area.

– I’m proud of the project and its participants. The project we have started is encompassing, and it is satisfying that we now have reached the milestone of 100,000 installed smart meters, nearly in accordance to the schedule. We have faced some challenges, but together with our suppliers we have the ability to solve them. It is not always easy, but with good technical specialists and solution oriented project participants on both sides, we have reached the project milestone. However, there is a lot of work before we reach the project completion with 700,000 installed meters, says Kristin Lian, Senior Vice president of Hafslund Nett.

– The 100,000 milestone is a great achievement in a project that we signed less than two years ago and where the ramp-up started less than 6 months ago. The scale of this project makes it one of the largest single-system AMI projects in the Nordics. It is very rewarding to see the result of hard work, strong commitment and close cooperation of the Aidon team together with Hafslund Nett and the partners involved, says Thor-Erik Næss, Managing Director of Aidon Norway.

– Thanks to our recently established local Aidon Customization Center we have the capacity and flexibility to deliver according to the planned schedule, and will be able to increase the volumes according to the progress of Hafslund Nett’s roll-out as well as to serve our other projects in Norway at the same time, Næss says.