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Helsinki selects Aidon’s remote reading technology

Helen Sähköverkko Oy, in charge of electricity distribution in the Helsinki region, selected Aidon’s AMM technology when expanding the remote reading of its electricity meters. During 2008-2010, approximately 120,000 new-generation electricity meters will be installed in the Helsinki downtown area. After that, approximately half of the electricity meters in the Helsinki region will fall within the scope of remote reading.

“Our goal is to improve our customer service and rationalise our processes and the maintenance management of the meters,” says Mika Nousiainen, Metering Manager of Helen Sähköverkko Oy. “The entire information flow chain must operate quickly and reliably from meters to data systems.” Aidon’s AMM solutions meet the set requirements in an excellent manner.

Aidon supplies open-architecture-based electricity energy meters and data communication and software solutions which together form the new-generation AMM system.

The intelligent meters consist of electricity energy meters equipped with a data communications route, a system module and a remote connection device. The AMM system programmes the meters automatically in connection with installation through a remote connection. The same connection is used when updating the meter software.

The data transfer between the meters is performed either using an RS485 route cable or a Tritech MeshNET radio connection, with the help of which a reliable and, in terms of life cycle expenses, a cost-efficient data transfer solution can be achieved. The meter readings are then transferred via GPRS to Gateware reading software, which processes them further for the business systems.

“Helen Sähköverkko Oy’s decision to select a new-generation AMM system sets a clear trend for the entire industry. Increasingly smaller life cycle costs are required from the systems, as well as new functionalities which serve the network company’s processes,” explains Petteri Heinänen, Marketing Director of Aidon Oy.

Further information:
Petteri Heinänen, Marketing Director, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 40 514 4771,

Aidon Oy is a European technology company with offices in Finland, Sweden and Norway. Aidon is specialised in energy consumption measurements and automatic meter management (AMM) systems for energy and service companies. The new-generation AMM system developed by Aidon has achieved a strong market position as the Nordic countries have transferred to remote readings.