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Jämtkraft chose Aidon’s AMR meters

The Swedish energy company Jämtkraft AB is going to install Aidon’s
new generation automatic energy meters. The customer is a partner in SAMS, the largest energy company consortium in the Nordic countries.

The overall responsible for the project is Policom, the Norway based company delivering the remote reading software and PLC data communication technology used for supporting the open platform. Aidon Oy is delivering the energy meters with a circuit breaker feature.

– We wanted to create a two-way system enabling metering beyond energy consumption. The solution provided by Aidon and Policom was the natural choice for our rural area networks, says Janne Berglund, Jämtkraft’s Director responsible for energy metering.

– Aidon’s meter concept enables better customer service, because we are receiving information on our energy deliveries more effectively. Producing valuable information on our distribution network, it is also an important part of our huge investment in order to improve our delivery reliability, says Berglund.

Besides energy metering, Policom, the supplier of the overall system, is specialized on automatic meter reading of heat, gas and water consumption. Its meter reading system enables e.g. control of building automation and alarm monitoring in connection to Aidon’s new generation meters.

For further information, please contact
Nils Rex, Country Manager, Aidon Sverige tel: + 46 703366138, www.aidon.se
Jan Berglund, Head of Metering and Invoicing Operations, Jämtkraft AB
tel. +46 63 149090, www.jamtkraft.se