Our solutions

Total offering for smart distribution network management

Aidon’s modern AMM is more than just a tool used for DSOs’ metering and billing purposes: it is an essential part of the utilities’ business processes and information systems.

For us as an AMM and smart grid technology provider, openness and platform thinking are at the core of our philosophy and offering. Our modular and open solution opens a comprehensive view into the low voltage network covering both metering points and distribution transformer stations. It combines advanced network management and smart metering into one total Power Grid Management (PGM) solution.
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Head-End System

Aidon’s solution adapts to different utility AMM models and also enables reading of water and district heating via the same system. Our system components can be seamlessly integrated with the DSO’s information system environment. Read more


Smart energy service devices

Traditional electricity meters make room for new generation energy service devices, featuring several functions to help manage and control energy distribution and consumption, as well as monitor the status of the low voltage network. Aidon’s energy service devices are an essential part of the smart grid. Read more


Efficient communication

Advanced data communication technology ensures the high performance and reliable operation of our AMM system. Read more



Our service offering covers the whole system lifetime, from planning to maintenance. Read more