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Smart energy service devices

Aidon’s new generation Energy Service Device (ESD) combines meter, communication, versatile sensors, and interfaces with efficient processing power. The device has a clear and robust design, and it is easy to install. Remote upgradability enables the deployment of new applications and activation of new functionality during the device’s lifecycle.

The task of the meter is to measure energy consumption and generate measuring data, at defined intervals, e.g. every 15 or 60 minutes. The measuring data is further processed by the Energy Service Device’s system module. The system module controls the meter and enables provision of time-stamped registry values, control of loads, monitoring of power quality, registration of power outages and fault information, as well as reading of external status information. The system module also takes care of communication between the Energy Service Device and the head-end system.

Benefits of modularity

In Aidon devices, communication functions are separated into the system module. This allows the meter and the communication system to have different lifespans. For example, the communication technology can be updated during the AMM lifetime by changing the system module, without having to replace the whole meter.

Multi-Connectivity Device (MCD)

MCD is an independent wireless RF communication unit without a meter. MCD can be used as an RF master or RF slave device to extend the radio network coverage and/or capacity. It can also be used to connect other metering devices or sensors to the same AMM system.



Aidon 6000-series 3- and 1-phase
Energy Service Devices


Aidon Multi-Connectivity Device (MCD)
indoor and outdoor units