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Power Grid Management for an overall view on the low voltage grid

Integrating Aidon’s smart AMM system with the DSO’s information systems opens a detailed real time view into the low voltage network status, supply quality, and metering point locations to those who need this information in their work. When the AMM system is extended to also cover distribution transformer stations, an even more comprehensive overview of the grid can be obtained.


It is possible to increase the system’s functionality gradually by implementing Power Grid Management (PGM) features via remote upgrades.

Real-time alerts, quick response

Energy Service Devices installed to energy connection points act not only as meters but also as smart sensors, which register information from the low voltage grid and connection points. Typical information includes loads or interferences caused by faulty electrical devices connected to the grid. Examples of faults and events that can be detected are missing phases, over voltage, under voltage, and 0-wire failures.

Energy Service Devices transmit faults via the reading system to the DSO’s information systems. Receiving real-time information of interferences, as well as faults and their locations enables prompt corrective actions, helps avoid wider damage, and minimise harm for the consumers.

Supply quality monitoring and predictive network maintenance

When the AMM system and PGM cover distribution transformer stations, in addition to connection points, it is possible to monitor the supply quality throughout the entire low voltage network. By means of distribution transformer station monitoring the losses in the low voltage network can also be validated and their sources located. By monitoring distribution transformer stations’ loads, their lifespans can also be predicted, which can be taken into account in network planning and predictive maintenance work. Distribution transformer station monitoring also includes monitoring of the transformer station room with help of status sensors.