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Strong year 2017 gives a good starting point for 2018

Aidon’s CEO Timo Chrons’s review of the year 2017 and his projections for the year 2018.

What were the highlights and major achievements for Aidon in 2017?

Last year was a good year for Aidon. Our revenue in 2017, 90M€, is a result of hard work and it reached around 100% growth for the second consecutive year. A major share of the revenue comes naturally from Norway where the AMM system roll-out reached peak speed after the summer. Our local logistics center ACC, opened in summer 2016, got the order-supply chain to operate just as efficiently as required to meet the delivery volumes for Norway. ACC Norway reached the milestone of one million delivered devices in November.

Our strong focus and investments in product development continued in 2017, and the results of the work will provide us and our customers with excellent capabilities to respond to the developing requirements of the energy market.

About projections for 2018: what will be the main topic on the agenda regarding the changing energy market this year?

Energy market’s disruption will go on, and along with it, the need for more real time data from the distribution grid continues to grow.

What does Aidon want to achieve in 2018?

In addition to completing the projects in Norway with good intensity, we will continue to strengthen our presence and capacity in Sweden, the largest Nordic market, where the AMM renewal projects will take off this year.

In our product and solution development, AMM data refining and utilisation will be an important focus area. Our aim is to engage our customers in a close cooperation with us in this work.

What is your New Year’s resolution to Aidon customers?

Since Aidon’s start, listening to our customers and understanding their business has been the foundation on which we have based the development of our solutions. We will uncompromisingly continue on this path. We promise to maintain our high technology competence to the benefit of our customers.