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Sweden gets new functional requirements for electricity meters

Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy, Ibrahim Baylan announced yesterday that the next generation smart electricity meters shall be implemented in Sweden, along with introduction of new functional requirements.

– Next generation smart meters will be introduced in Sweden. They will provide customers with better tools to become active on the energy market while at the same time ensure more secure supply of electricity, says Ibrahim Baylan, Minister for Policy Coordination and Energy.

The new requirements include, among others, hourly based measurement and the possibility for users to have access to their own metering data. Meters with the new funtionality shall be in use by 1st January 2025.

Fredrik Rex, Aidon’s Managing Director in Sweden is very pleased about the long-awaited decision.

– The decision will mean disappearance of DSOs’ uncertainty: they can now continue their tendering processes and the related preparations and negotiations for new AMI systems.

– The functional requirements have a specific target: to create conditions for an ongoing and upcoming energy transformation by engaging customers to become an active part of the energy system. DSOs will benefit from the new functional requirements since they will get better conditions for securing the quality of supply by monitoring and managing the low voltage grid in near to real time.