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Tampereen Sähköverkko to adopt Aidon’s energy meters

Tampere residents’ electricity consumption is to be monitored using Aidon’s remote-readable energy meters. As part of the ‘Kauko10’ project, concerning nearly all homes and companies in the city, a total of 100,000 electricity meters currently covered by Tampereen Sähköverkko will be replaced with meters allowing remote reading.

The comprehensive total solution will be provided by TeliaSonera Finland, which will also continue to provide remote reading services. Aidon and Iskra will be the suppliers of the remote-readable energy meters. Installation will begin in November, continuing until the end of next year.

“A modern system needs to be able to connect diverse meters and communication medias. Aidon has selected technologies ideally suited to this purpose, which allow the meters to be easily connected to our reading platform. This makes Aidon a natural partner for us in a project like this,” enthuses Veli-Pekka Tietäväinen, Senior Manager at TeliaSonera Finland.

Aidon’s AMR meters are based on open architecture and consist of an energy meter with a data communication bus and the associated system module.

In Tampere, the remote reading system will be connected, through GPRS technology, to the master meter supplied by Aidon, while the data transfer between the meters will be performed using an RS485 route cable. This solution is ideal for multi-meter boards in apartment houses.

The new system offers Tampereen Sähköverkko more detailed customer-specific consumption data and the capability to create more advanced service products. In addition, remote metering facilitates optimal dimensioning and load control of the distribution network, while facilitating the scheduling of any alteration work required in the electricity network.

“Operational and service processes within electricity distribution are currently undergoing reform, requiring new-generation technologies both in energy meters and the systems reading them. Our approach emphasises openness and compatibility, which can be seen in the Tampere project,” states Petteri Heinänen, Marketing Director at Aidon.

Further information:
Veli-Pekka Tietäväinen, Senior Manager, TeliaSonera Finland Oyj,
tel. +358 40 302 2350
Petteri Heinänen, Marketing Director, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 40 514 4771