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Those who successfully manage the key shifts will be tomorrow’s winners.

Timo Chrons, CEO, Aidon Oy:

The electricity market is evolving. Renewables, distributed generation, and smarter grids – all these call for new capabilities. These changes, driven by regulatory frameworks, are also bringing about brand new business models. As ways to transmit, collect, measure and analyse data continue to advance, the need to create value out of all this data becomes even more essential.

As this transformation gains momentum, the more Aidon’s strengths come to the fore. It’s our ability to make sense of possible transformations in our industry – and plan for them, more importantly – that lets us lead the way. Those who successfully manage these key shifts will be tomorrow’s winners. From a technology perspective, DSOs must be able to benefit from digital innovation while building the flexibility needed to adapt to an ever-changing environment. Aidon’s platforms and solutions can help DSOs achieve this.

At Aidon, we see to it that we offer the best possible value across the life cycle of our customers’ investment. We do this by engaging in open dialogue with them. Together we work to take advantage of deeper digital opportunities that are opening across a wide field. With our smarter measuring systems, DSOs and their customers can become greener in terms of distribution and consumption. As daunting as these changes might appear, the potential opportunities are worth many times the cost.