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Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks’ 100,000th Aidon device started its work

Installer Petri Venäläinen

On June 13, installer Petri Venäläinen is at work in the meter room of the small apartment building on Mäyräkuja in Korso, Vantaa. It is time to replace the electricity meters of the 34 apartments with new ones. Unlike usually, there are several eye pairs following the operation in the small meter room. This time there is one special unit among the devices to be installed: the 100,000th Aidon Energy Service Device for Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks (VES). The event is being witnessed by both DSO’s and Aidon’s representatives. Despite the special attention, Venäläinen handles the task smoothly and in a few minutes the new smart device is in its place, connected to the reading system and ready to start its important job.

Fast growth

Vantaa is growing fast, and more people are moving in compared to any other big city in Finland. The number of customers at Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks has also grown fast: 3000-4000 new electricity metering points equipped with Aidon Energy Service Devices are being connected to the grid every year. The 100,000th device is part of the AMM system, which Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks deployed in 2013 and which comprised of 63 000 meters at the time. Over the past five years, Aidon device base in Vantaa has grown with a fair third, not just due to new construction, but also because the old meter base is being renewed with normal maintenance work.

Regular communication is key to good cooperation

The installation was preceded by a cooperation meeting between VES and Aidon. This is one of the several meetings that have taken place over the years, often via Skype, but also face-to-face a few times a year. This time the meeting was attended by Mikael Österholm, Manager, Network Services, and Arto Flink, Metering Service Manager, from VES, and Petteri Heinänen, Business Unit Manager, and Liina Lehtonen, Account Manager, from Aidon. Both parties confirm that regular communication is key to successful cooperation. Planning and follow-up of orders and deliveries, monitoring service quality and planning new functionalities are among the regular topics in the meetings. Every now and then the agenda also includes special programme, like this time.

– It is a nice change to a normal working day to go to the field and see the installations, and now it was particularly nice since we got to jump into VES’s gear and see the 100,000th device being installed, Liina Lehtonen from Aidon says.

– This milestone very well reflects the excellent and continuing cooperation between our companies. The metering device with the special engravings remains as a memory of the 100,000th Aidon device installation into our grid, Arto Flink from Vantaa Energy Electricity Networks says.

From left: Mikael Österholm, Manager, Network Services, VES, Petteri Heinänen, Business Unit Manager, Aidon, and Liina Lehtonen, Account Manager Aidon, and Arto Flink, Metering Service Manager, VES.


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