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Vantaa Energy’s remote reading system into production use

In October, Vantaa Energy Electricity Network Ltd. gave its final approval for the remote reading system delivered by Aidon Oy. The official deployment was preceeded by a six months’ trial period, during which the operability of the system was verified by performing electricity metering and the other functions entirely using the new system.

The remote reading system consists of Aidon Gateware reading software and 63,000 remotely readable energy service devices, which send the metering data into the system once a day. For each location, the system utilises the most suitable communication solution. Devices located close to each other communicate via a MeshNet radio network or a cable connection. The master device collects the data from the devices connected to it and transmits the data into the reading system using the 2G/3G network. Devices in single locations transmit their data directly into the system via the 2G/3G network.

“Switching to remote reading is a significant information system project, the success of which was  ensured by good planning, project management and cooperation between the different parties”, Janne Hartikainen, Measuring Service Manager at Vantaa Energy Electricity Network Ltd. says.

In addition to electricity metering, the system enables Vantaa Energy Electricity Network Ltd. various functionalities for monitoring electricity quality as well as the status of the distribution network.

“The legislation requires remotely readable electricity metering from energy companies. However, the new system enables much more than just remote meter reading. With integration to our distribution management system it provides us with information on the electricity and delivery quality and thus helps us to ensure first-rate, proactive service for our customers. Thanks to the system, in the future we will be able to inform on the disturbances in the distribution network and also to react to faults concerning single customers’ electricity connections, such as 0-wire failure”, Hartikainen continues.

The turnkey delivery and the installation of the system for Vantaa Energy was carried out by Empower Oy.

For more information, please contact:
Petteri Heinänen, Business Unit Director, Aidon Oy, tel. +358 40 514 4771
Janne Hartikainen, Measuring Service Manager, Vantaa Energy Electricity Network Ltd., tel. +358 40 557 7183

Aidon is a leading provider of open-architecture based smart metering systems and new generation energy service devices in the Nordics. Aidon’s products serve today more than a million metering points in the Nordics. Aidon’s net sales grew to 36 million euros in 2012. Company’s annual R&D investment is ca. 10 % of the turnover. Aidon has offices in Jyväskylä and Vantaa in Finland, Täby in Sweden and Asker in Norway.


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