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Värnamo Energi AB in Sweden chose a complete concept for AMR services from Telenor Cinclus and Aidon

Telenor Cinclus, a subsidiary of Telenor, together with Aidon, a Swedish company, shall supply automatic meter reading systems to Värnamo Energi AB, a Swedish energy company.

Värnamo Energi has signed an agreement with Telenor Cinclus for the delivery of a complete automatic meter reading service. In the agreement Aidon supplies the actual meter reading units and Telenor Cinclus is responsible for the system’s operation.

“To meet the coming requirements for monthly meter readings, we have studied several technical solutions. It has been important for us to generate high availability and security, and good flexibility at low cost. The solution from Telenor Cinclus and Aidon can fulfil these requirements,” says Göran Hansson, Managing Director in Värnamo Energi.

More options
In addition to making meter reading more efficient, the solution will give Värnamo Energi more options in the future.

“We look forward to using the opportunities opened up by this new generation of meter reader from Aidon. They give us the opportunity to provide better customer service and more efficient network monitoring. At the same time, the service from Telenor Cinclus will give us simple access to meter and network data and long-term control over our operating and maintenance costs for meter reading and reading collection,” says Robert Kilsberger, project manager at Värnamo Energi.

“Our goal is to offer technology that only requires one visit per measurement point, i.e. upon installation of the new meter. All future maintenance will be handled via the system,” says Nils Rex, who is responsible for Aidon’s operations in Sweden.

In demand
The automatic meter reading market is seeing strong growth, and analysts estimate that 60 per cent of all Nordic households will have automatic meter reading by 2010. Sweden is the quickest growing market in the Nordic region and the agreement with Värnamo Energi is the second Telenor Cinclus has signed in the Swedish market in the last four months.

“Our progress in Sweden sends an important signal that our solutions and technology are in demand in the market,” says Liedgren.

For further information, please contact:
Åke Liedgren, Country Manager for Telenor Cinclus in Sweden
Mobile: (+46) 73 2418263, E-mail: ake.liedgren@telenor.com

Nils Rex, Country Manager for Aidon in Sweden
Mobile: (+46) 70 3366138, Tel.: (+46) 87 681770

Göran Hansson, Värnamo Energi AB
Mobile: (+46) 70 6613112, Tel.: (+46) 370 694123

Robert Kilsberger, Värnamo Energi AB
Mobile: (+46) 70 3027035, Tel.: (+46) 370 694134

For further information and downloadable images please go to: www.telenorcinclus.com

Telenor Cinclus
Telenor Cinclus AS is a total supplier of automatic meter reading (AMR) solutions and two-way communication. Telenor Cinclus’ solution allows energy companies to gather information automatically about its customers’ electricity consumption. The entire Telenor Cinclus solution is marketed under the name Cinclus Technology and is based on mobile communication technology. The company was set up in December 2004 and is a jointly owned subsidiary of Telenor, Norway’s largest telecommunication company. Telenor owns 66 per cent of the company and Norske Skagerak Energi 34 per cent. The company’s headquarters are at Fornebu, outside Oslo, Norway, and has departments in Lillehammer in Norway and Stockholm in Sweden.

Värnamo Energi AB
Värnamo Energi AB markets and sells electricity, district heating, energy services and IT communication. The company is owned by Värnamo Municipality (55%) and Sydkraft (45%)

Aidon develops and markets automatic meter reading equipment, software and services. The company has offices in Sweden, Norway and Finland. Aidon’s largest customers are energy companies in the Nordic region. Aidon Ltd. was set up in 2004 and is owned by the Board, employees and equity funds.

Automatic meter reading (AMR)
Energy companies depend on information about the customers’ meter readings in order to invoice the actual consumption. In most households, meters are read and readings are sent manually by the customer. With automatic meter reading, meters are read and data is sent entirely automatically. This means the customer avoids having to read the meter and send the reading and at the same time makes the energy company more efficient. In addition, AMR solutions will give energy companies opportunities to offer more services, which can give new revenue streams. The number of households with electricity meters in the EU and Nordic region is 230 million and 13 million, respectively.